Alicia Barry comes to PDS with over 30 years of training experience.

Whether working with her dogs or horses, Alicia’s training philosophies embrace positive reinforcement, enrichment and family participation.

Alicia is a self-declared Dog Behavior Nerd….she loves the science behind what drives the good (and naughty) behaviors in your dog. She works to educate the human part of the team as well, creating stronger relationships and overall joy in training! 

Alicia enjoys teaching all ages, skill levels and problem solving.  She is a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen, Tricks Dog, STARR puppy and FitDog instructor/evaluator. You will find Alicia teaching everything from Reactive Dog Rehab to Puppy Pre-School.

This trainer’s pack of rescue dobermans added a new sister this past year. Alicia volunteered to foster a ABC Basset Rescue- shy, pregnant mama. After whelping, implementing Early Neurological Stimulation, weaning and finding homes for 8 adorable basset puppies; Alicia was in love and knew there was no way that Mama Birdie was leaving.

You will find Alicia’s family out enjoying WNY, performing Doberman belly-flops at the PDS pool or at various FastCat competitions. Birdie hopes to compete in FastCat with her brothers and friends. Barn  Hunt is also on the agenda this coming year!!!!