Bonita Habitzruther from “Communicate & Play Dog Training”

I teach dogs how to work closely with their owners for a lifetime of enjoyment. From the smallest puppies to the most advanced competitors, I’m most proud of helping them become well-mannered companions.

I’ve also always been interested in Canine Fitness! Being a Certified Canine Athlete Specialist gives me the opportunity to not only improve my own dogs’ fitness, I can help others with their dogs. Did you know that not getting enough proper exercise not only affects your dog physically, but also emotionally? Behavior problems could be the result of boredom, frustration, and lack of sensory stimulation. Exercise is critical for pet dogs and sport dogs! It can help your dog to live longer (and be healthier), as well as prevent injuries from happening – especially important if you’re participating in dog sports.

No dog is the same! That’s what I’ve learned training and working with my personal dogs for more than 45 years, and instructing, teaching and helping people with their dogs professionally for more than 25 years. I work with the dog in front of me and give him what he needs – at that moment. I may be working with a young puppy or a seasoned Competition dog. There is no cookie cutter technique. This is why I find it so important to constantly learn and grow so that I have more to offer to each person that comes to me.

I got hooked when my first Competition dog earned his Canadian CD Title (Companion Dog Title) with scores of 198, 198½, 199, and 199 – all first places and two High in Trials! My dogs then went on to earn HIT’s (High in Trials) in more advanced Obedience levels in the U.S. and Canada.

I have spent time learning under many of the top professionals in the U.S. and around the world. That learning continues to this day. I am always growing in knowledge and new ways of teaching and training – both dogs and with people!

Each year I travel across the country to attend seminars and workshops; take numerous online lessons and courses (so that I can continue to teach my classes at the same time), all to continue my own education.

My own dogs have achieved numerous Awards, Placings and Titles including Multiple Dog World Awards and High in Trials in the U.S. and Canada. During one two year period, all my dogs won a placing or award in every single trial entered with an average score of 198.73 (out of a possible 200)

I’ve won the Canadian Obedience OPEN Challenge Trial for High in Trial dogs with a score of 199 (out of 200). Previously I’ve placed in the World Series of Dog Obedience and the run-off for the Gaines.

Along with owning my own business, I’ve previously:

  • Taught Companion Obedience classes in the Continuing Community Education Department for area school systems
  • Held the positions of Obedience Director and Training Coordinator at several clubs
  • Instructed and trained at several clubs and training facilities

My students have also earned many Titles and Awards including (but not limited to):

  • High in Trials; Class Placings and Titles
  • AKC, CKC, and UKC Titles in Obedience and Rally
  • National and International Awards
  • Canine Good Citizen Titles/Therapy Dog

The training received in the classes has helped improve their dogs’ performances in other areas such as Field work, Hunt tests, Tracking and Protection work, Herding, Conformation and more.

Professional Member IACP: International Association of Canine Professionals-Certified Dog Trainer

Certified Canine Athlete Specialist-CCAS

Evaluator for the American Kennel Club: S.T.A.R. Puppy Program and All levels of the Canine Good Citizen Testing

Professional Member APDT: Associations of Professional Dog Trainers

Certified SATS Trainer: Perception Modification and Bridge & Target

Member/Trainer ATA (American Treibball Association)