Cara Urban is an obedience and trick dog trainer. She grew up with a deep passion for animals and as an adult refined that passion for animals into one for training. After getting her first dog as a young adult, she quickly learned training was essential when her terrier mix, Jake, became reactive toward strange people and dogs. She dove into educating herself through the process of self-teaching, attending seminars, taking classes and making it a mission to continuously expand her knowledge.

She holds 10 years of training experience, and a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. Cara’s training is all about focus and communication. She owns six herding dogs, three of which are deaf. Her experiences bring a unique perspective to the table when it comes to communication. For the past several years she has trained her dogs on tricks; and agility where she actively competes. She holds several performance titles across obedience, tricks, rally and agility.

Cara has been offering trick classes for the past three years as a great foundation for anyone interest in getting into dog sports. She strives to make every class positive and fun, while setting the dogs up for success in an environment that promotes confidence building for both you and the dog.”