Loren has had Airedales for the past thirty years. She got her first Airedale in 1992 while she was living in Russia, where she participated in the Soviet obedience sports OKD and ZKS, a combination of upper level obedience and protection work. She now competes in AKC Obedience and Rally with her dogs, and plans to compete in Mondioring Obedience.

Loren abandoned her career as a Russian translator a few years ago to make her passion her new career and become a professional dog trainer. She operates her own training business, teaches group puppy, obedience, and rally classes at various locations. Loren has studied animal behavior, working with and learning from numerous trainers in the US and internationally, and has extensive experience working with reactive, fearful, and aggressive dogs. She is constantly learning and adding to her toolbox. Loren describes her training philosophy as dogmanship, which is centered on respect for the animal, handling dogs in a sensitive and thoughtful manner, and establishing effective communication to build a relationship with the dog. She encourages everyone to do more with their dogs and explore the world of competition and dog sports.

She is an AKC CGC Evaluator, AKC FIT Dog instructor, and a member of professional and working dog clubs (IACP, USMRA, USCA). She is committed to helping people live better lives with their canine partners.