Lynn Reece Broderick is a member of The Pet Professional Guild, Supporting Member of the IAABC, and is an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator. Lynn began her career in animal behavior in 1999 at the Erie County SPCA here in Buffalo NY, developing and directing the innovative Animal Behavior & Training Department, but left the SPCA May 2005 to start her professional pet training business, Pet Works.

Lynn discovered dog agility in 2000 and has put countless titles on her dogs and friend’s dogs. She started teaching agility in 2005, and loves sharing new techniques and handling strategies with her students. Her dogs Amber, Maverick, and Quick have competed in four CPE Nationals and seven NADAC Championships, and she and Amber were also competitors in the 2011 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Large Dog Agility event. Lynn’s current agility partners, Maverick and Quick, challenge her to push the limits in speed and distance on course. She and Quick also compete in Nosework.

Lynn has extensive experience in dog behavior & training, teaching basic manners training as well as behavior modification for reactivity and aggression. She enjoys working with and teaching the owners as much as she enjoys the company and training of the animals! She believes that training and living with pets should be fun and rewarding, and when she creates a training program, she always tries to make sure everyone, human and canine, is enjoying the experience. Her philosophy on training pets is to understand why they do what they do, and to use scientifically proven positive reinforcement techniques and good management to elicit any behavior modifications that are necessary. She tries to impart that knowledge to the owners, so they can understand their dogs and have the skills to continue teaching, training, and living happily with them.

Lynn is proud to be affiliated with the Four Seasons Agility Club and Up and Over Dog Sports, two local clubs that host agility trials and workshops.

Ravensbrook Chrome Scentwork: NACSW NW1 Therapy Dog and all around sweet goofball

NATCH Synergy’s Better Not Blink, aka Quick Lee Scentwork: NACSW NW2, CSS L1, USCSS Novice

NATCH6, VNATCH5, AANATCH5, CATCH GSF Need4Speed, call sign Maverick

CATCH4 Riley Chance: Forever In Our Hearts

NATCH4 VNATCH3 CATE CATCH2 Amber Fiona- We miss you