Indoor Dock Diving Comes to Western New York!

Dock diving is an exciting dog sport taking the country by storm! Premier Dog Sports & Event Center is the first indoor, year-round dock diving pool in the New York!  Our facility is the first to offer classes and rental of an indoor pool for dock diving and swimming.  Your dog doesn’t have to dive from the dock,  swimming is also an option.

We have a 45′ pool with 40′ dock with turf.  Our pool has a ramp for pool users who are just starting out, a baby dock to get them starting to jump in the pool, and a full sized dock.

If you have been signed off  by one of our instructors, you can book open swim time. If you have not, you’ll be required to sign up for a “swim lesson”.

Pool rental 1 hour $60, Half hour $35
Swim lessons 30 minutes $45