My love of dogs started at a very young age and I chose my favorite breed – Vizslas –  in 2001.  I discovered my passion of agility in 2003 with my first Vizsla, MACH 4 Molson who was a real challenge as he was noise sensitive and did not have the same drive for agility as I did. We persevered and learned a lot together, accomplishing many amazing things. I am so proud that he was the first Vizsla to earn a CATCH in CPE and, in addition, the first Vizsla in NYS to earn a MACH in AKC.   Molson was also noted in the top five of his breed for many years and we attended the very first AKC Agility Invitational in Long Beach, CA and many AKC Nationals after that. 

My second dog, MACH 6 Blaze competed in finals two years in a row.  Our first national competition was the AKC Invitational in Orlando, FL and our second was the AKC Nationals in Reno NV where he achieved 4th place in finals.  During that time, I was also competing with Zest, and ended up having two of the top five dogs at the AKC Invitational.  I currently train Zest, who is nine years old, and my young boy, Blast who is now competing at the master level.  

I am fortunate that I have been able to learn from many different mentors over the years including domestic and international trainers.  Agility is constantly evolving, and I believe we never stop learning.  I attend seminars both in person and online to challenge myself to try new methods and gain more knowledge. Then, after practicing with my own dogs, I present these concepts and handling options to my students. The way I train, relies heavily on One Mind Dogs method, but I’ve developed my own handling system with the influence of other mentors as well. My goal as an instructor is to help students create a way to handle each of their dog(s) that works best for their team, along with, tweaking their handling options as they grow and improve their skills.  I love watching my students excel and accomplish things they never thought they could do.